Hull Cleaning

AYKON GLOBAL provide safe, high quality, and cost effectiveness Waterborne Ship Cleaning Services and Repair Services as well as upholding a tradition of integrity. We take pride in being self-supporting in our projects and working effectively with and around our clients.

Our dive team completes a thorough and systematic approach to removing the marine growth and fouling that happens as a result of a vessel being moored, birthed and used in the water constantly. A complete hull clean includes our divers completing a detailed clean of the waterline, sub-surface hull, strakes, keel, rudders, water outlets and intakes, transom, in water ladders, trim tabs, hydraulics, propellers, drive shafts, legs/pods, stabilisers and anything else that pertains to your boat operating effectively.

We provide services for inshore, offshore, ship husbandry and oil & gas industries as well as other type of underwater work.

  • Underwater hull cleaning
  • Propeller Polishing and propeller repairs
  • Blanking of intakes and outlets
  • Underwater hull cleaning on Intersleek / Silicone based Paint systems
  • Permanent hull repairs using cofferdams
  • UWILD CCTV and digital photography of vessels and Jack up rigs
  • Installation of anti-corrosion protection systems – sacrificial or ICCP anodes
  • Underwater wet welding
  • Seabed survey with acoustic equipment
  • Anchor recovery
  • Salvage and wreck removal
  • Single Point Mooring (SPM) Maintenance
  • Power Plant Pipeline and Screen cleaning
  • Endoscopic Inspection for vessel sea water valves